Wick Weeder with Ball Valve - Swipe Applicator

Wick Weeder with Ball Valve - Swipe Applicator
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Product Description

Wick Weeder with on/off valve drift-free weed control tool. This swipe applicator looks like a hockey stick and is held the same way. The Wick Weeder allows you to apply herbicides directly where you want them to go without the risk of spray drift. Remove the red end cap and fill the tubular handle with the pre-mixed herbicide of your choice like Roundup, Horticultural Vinegar etc., then replace the cap. When you are ready to start killing the weeds just turn open the valve and start swiping.

  • 40" long lightweight handle - No bending required.
  • Replacement sleeves available.
  • Shut off valve to hold product in handle during transport.
  • No drift which helps to keep chemical costs down.