Gard N Gro Garden Hose Dechlorinator - 2 Year Supply

Gard N Gro Garden Hose Dechlorinator - 2 Year Supply
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Product Description

This package of Gard N Gro Garden Hose Dechlorinator, Pre-filter, replacement cartridges (2), and extra pre-filter screen will give you a 2 year supply of items necessary to dechlorinate your water, saving you time and money in the future.

Chlorine is introduced into water supplies as a means of killing undesirable organisms; however, this additional chlorine can kill desirable fungi and bacteria in the soil which improves plant growth. This is why many greenhouses and professional growers dechlorinate their water before using it on plants.

The Gard 'N' Gro Works best with low flow-rate applications such as drip irrigation, soaker hoses, hand watering guns, and mist systems. The Pre-Filter helps to reduce particles from your water source before entering the Dechlorinator, thus increasing the life of the unit. The Gard N Grow removes over 85% of chlorine from your garden hose.

  • Gard N Gro dechlorinator.
  • 2 replacement cartridges for dechlorinator.
  • Pre-filter assembly.
  • 1 replacement screen for pre-filter.
  • Not to be used for treatment of drinking water.